Your Time Is Up! Please Move On To The Next Stage Quickly To Complete All 10 Stages In Time.

Please Enter Passcode Thailand999 To Proceed Onto The Next Stage Without Your Secret Ingredient

1) Enter the correct Dish based on the description given
2) After Completing The Crossword Puzzle, You will receive a secret code

3) Enter The Secret Code In the form on the left to receive your Secret ingredient

5) Remember To Record Down The Ingredient You Get Before The Time Runs Out!

1. Meat and Vegetables Slowcooked In An Underground Oven
2. Hard Spiky Outer Shell and Thin Fleshy And Edible Insides
3. Dessert Made Out Of Meringue, Whipped Cream and Fruit
4. An Omelette Style Dish With Immature Fish
5. Acclaimed For Its Medicinal Purposes and Sought After In International Markets
6. New Zealand Sweet Potato
7. A Large Sea Snail
8. Yeast Extract Combined With Various Herbs Spices
9. A Kiwi Dessert Made With Candies, Marshmallows, Malt Biscuits, Condensed Milk
10. Also Known As Pineapple Guava Guavasteen, Is A Popular Egg Shaped Fruit Grown In New Zealand